“Being a true gentleman never goes out of fashion.”


Ovidiu Muresanu Bowtie

Ovidiu Muresanu Bowtie

Ovidiu Muresanu Bowtie

Ovidiu Muresanu BowtieYes, it’s true. I can bet that even in 100 years, men will wear black tie suits. Because a gentleman knows that looking good is not just about the grand gesture – the purchase of a trendy designer suit or a pair of Italian shoes. He knows that, ultimately, being well dressed is about the details. So, if you are a true gentleman, or even if you want to become one, here are some of my advices to you.

1. A gentleman knows that clothes do not make the man. But he knows that, when making a first impression, his wardrobe may speak louder than his actions.

2. No matter what the trends of fashion, a gentleman knows the colors and cuts in which he looks best.

3. A gentleman feels complimented when hi is asked where he shops for his clothes. He does not, however, brag about designer labels or the price tags that accompanied them.

4. If a gentleman is not absolutely certain as to dress code for an occasion, he always prefers the risk of being underdressed to that of being overdressed.

5. A gentleman never wears a necktie that precisely matches his pocket-handkerchief.

And the last one, because it’s the party season: wear a bowtie! It’s the last touch of a gentleman’s perfect look. If you want a unique one, made of silk or velvet, check my online shop, TheStoriesofO.ro. My new collection is now available, so I will be very happy if you will wear one of my hand-made bowties.




Photography:  Alexandru Rosieanu
Hair Style: Robert Both Studio