HellO, WOrld!


Yes, I know, I’m Perfect. We all are, in our ways. But at the same time, we have so many issues and fears. We are surrounded by images that show us so many perfect bodies and faces and lives.. And that’s why we felt so insecure so many times because we are not so tall, or rich, or white, or smart, or straight, or skinny, or… blonde. That’s why I’m so happy when a huge brand, such as Diesel, shows us that we are perfect in our little imperfections. Actually, our scars and imperfections make us beautiful. And accepting this makes us free. Because you know, you don’t have to regret anything.. just take your seat in the front row and enjoy the ride. We are Im-Perfect. But we will go with the flaw. Because Perfection is Boring.

Ovidiu Muresanu Diesel

Ovidiu Muresanu Diesel

Ovidiu Muresanu DIesel

Ovidiu Muresanu DIesel

Ovidiu Muresanu DIesel

Ovidiu Muresanu Diesel

Go with no plan 

Go with not sure 

Go with what makes you feel insecure 

Go with mistakes 

Go with remakes 

Go without knowing if you have what it takes 

Go with the “Oops” 

Go with no doubts 

Go if it doesn’t look as good as it sounds 

Go with the hunch 

Go with “Oh Fuck!” 

Go like you’ll never run out of luck 

Go out in the open and 

Grab a front seat and enjoy the ride

Go with the flaw





HellO, WOrld!


Da, da, stiu, sunt perfect! Cu totii suntem, in felul nostru. Dar in acelasi timp avem atatea probleme si temeri. Suntem inconjurati de imagini in care sunt redate corpuri perfecte, chipuri perfecte, vieti perfecte. Iar asta ne face sa ne simtim nesiguri de de atatea ori, pentru ca nu suntem suficienti de inalti, de bogati, de albi, de inteligenti, de straight, de slabi…de blonzi. De aceea am fost foarte bucuros sa descopar ca un brand atat de cunoscut asa cum e Diesel, ne arata ca suntem perfecti prin totalitatea micilor noastre imperfectiuni, care ne fac frumosi. Si unici. Iar acceptând acest lucru ne simtim mai liberi. Pentru ca stiti voi, nu trebuie sa regretam nimic…doar sa ne asezam pe scaunul din fata si sa ne bucuram de calatorie. We are Im-Perfect. But we will go with the flaw. Pentru ca perfectiunea e plictisitoare.



Photography:  Alexandru Rosieanu
Hair Style: Robert Both Studio
Outfit: Diesel JoggJeans, Diesel Im-Perfect Tshirt, Diesel Leather Jacket, Diesel jumper and Diesel hat , all available in Diesel Store in Baneasa Shopping City, Geox shoes, Nike sneakers, Saint Laurent and Dior sunglasses