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O. My God! Mini Me and Mini O.Tee!

HellO, WOrld! It's first day of Summer! Finally! It's here! Holidays are not just a dream, they will come true in just few days or weeks. So, we must celebrate somehow the most adorable and loved season from the calendar. But first...let's see what day is today. My favorite day! Why? Because I'm still a kid somewhere in my soul, and I will always remeber [...]

Back To School With Mini Me

Hello, Summer Kids! Total Look H&M, Illesteva Lenox sunglasses (Avi), Illesteva Leonard sunglasses (Me), Nike training shoes (Me). Ooops, I must begin to tell you otherwise, because the Summer is gonne. I'll think about it until next time, ok? Now I'm too sad. #summertimesadness Don't worry! Of course I'm [...]