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Un'estate italiana

  HellO, WOrld! Well, I should say Ciao! Because today I woke up with a huuuge desire to eat gelato! And to stroll on the streets of Rome. Of course, you know that last year I had some fabulous adventures in Tuscany and in Cinque Terre, so I declared that my favorite destination in Europe is Italy. Well, till my next holiday in[...]

Watch this!

HellO, WOrld!   Today it's all about accessories, isn't it? You can wear a pair of jeans and a white tshirt, but with the right accessories you can be the King of the World. Or you can ruin an outfit wearing a wrong watch, or a silly accessory. That's why I always reccomended you to keep it simple, but with a twist. Stay classy. But for this you w[...]