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Would you be my Mini Me? I want you in my team!

HellO, WOrld!     Da, am nevoie de tine! Am nevoie de tine de cateva luni chiar, dar am fost atat de prins cu o multime de proiecte anul acesta, incat nu am avut timp nici sa respir. Dar acum, gata! Blogul a crescut foarte mult (Thank you, God), este foarte mult de munca la o multime de proiecte, shootinguri, colectii in colaborare cu desi[...]

The Life of a Lifestyle blogger

HellO, WOrld!   First of all, you must know that I made my homework. I discovered who was the first fashion blogger! According to IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers) and Susie Bubble, it was a 16th-century German accountant. An accountant!! Can you imagine that? Well, it seems that Matthaus Schwarz was so obsessed about h[...]

Let's be pretty. And sing!

HellO, WOrld! Yes, the kids are back to school. I guess you've noticed the horrible traffic. So, now you have to be more careful while you are driving. Because gropile are still there, thousands and thousands of potholes all over Bucharest, and nobody fixed them miraculously over the weekend. Nooo, Primaria it's busy with more important stuff. Like sleepi[...]