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Crazy Little Things I LOve (XII)

HellO, WOrld!   OMG! I'm counting the days till my next holiday, so I am very excited that I will go in an amazing place, where I will spend at least 5 hours on the beach every day. But for a perfect Summer holiday I need some things. A great perfume for the day, one for the evening, a good antiperspirant, a powerful sunscrean, an anti-aging face [...]

A Workaholic In The Snow

HellO, WOrld! OMG! It's finally over! The holiday is gone! I'm so happy that I can go back to my office, and start a new year of meetings, emails, negotiations, new deals, new ideas, new projects and new surprises for you! I'm a workaholic, I know, but it's not my fault. #luckyme The fault is in the stars! Because I'm a Virgo. In Zodiac, of course. [...]