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Crazy Little Things I Love (XIII)

HellO, WOrld!   September is my favorite month. Definitely. And not because my birthday is in few weeks. But you know, September is some sort of a magic month, with warm days and amazing sunsets, when you can still wear shorts and Tshirts on your tanned skin,  when you don't find akward to go to a beach or a pool party. When you still have the hol[...]

Crazy Little Things I Love (VIII)

HellO, WOrld!   LOve is in the air! Actually, is everywhere! Spring is coming too, so I'm sure you need a new perfume, a new anti wrinkle cream, or maybe a new accessory, to celebrate this beautiful season. And I have some ideas for you:   Cartier - L'Envol Inspired by ambrosia/mead, the honeyed wine known as the nectar of the gods, [...]

Best Christmas Ads 2016

HellO, WOrld!   Ho Ho Ho! There are only few days left till Christmas, we are all crazy and mad right now, so I decided that you need this. Take a break and watch the most beautiful TV adverts of the season. Nope, this time the big star is not Mog the cat, the Christmas calamity of last year. Instead we have an Oscar winner - Adrien Brody in the H[...]