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Bond Is Back In Business

  “Don’t think. Just let it happen.” (James Bond) HellO, WOrld! Today is a very good day for science. Well, it's Monday, and I'm in the mood for some action. I think I could be a very good Secret Service agent. I'm smart, I'm a good looking guy, and I have a very high level of IQ end Emotional IQ. I know that because I made some tests on Face[...]

My name is Bond. O.Bond.

  Desigur, asta e in capul meu, nu trebuie sa o luati in serios. Dar cred ca toti am visat sa intram intr-o zi in pielea celui mai elegant, mai faimos si mai cunoscut spion de pe planeata. Iar cand ajungi la Londra, va spun eu, cu greu te poti abtine sa nu iti imaginezi, macar o secunda, ca urmeaza sa primesti un apel de la Miss Moneype[...]