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Beckham & I. And Enf.

HellO, WOrld!   In H&M’s latest campaign for the new Modern Essentials Collection, David Beckham and Kevin Hart head to Las Vegas, to launch I, David Beckham the musical. On the way there, nothing goes as planned. Everything went crazy.  You know, sometimes in your life, everything seems to go in the wrong direction. So, this happened to me in[...]

I, Beckham! The new collection, soon!

HellO, WOrld! Good news, guys! Beckham is back! Nu, nu pe terenul de fotbal, dar cu o noua colectie, in colaborare cu H&M! Iar viitoarea campanie Modern Essentials selected by David Beckham pentru H&M ii aduce din nou impreuna pe David, unul dintre cele mai cunoscute simboluri ale stilului, și  pe Kevin Hart, star de comedie international. In c[...]

Bend It Like Beckham

HellO, WOrld! Imagine that one day you wake up and you are David Beckham. Not you, not vecinul de la doi, not even Barack Obama or Donald Trump. Nope. You are David Beckham. How come? Is it possible? It's Septembrie Luni, and Brenciu has song yesterday la Sala Palatului, but even so.. It's not a magic day. It's just Monday. Well, I have a great news fo[...]