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My Personal Aroma by YPA

HellO, WOrld! Sunt teribil de fericit! Toamna asta a venit cu o multime de surprize frumoase, iar una dintre ele m-a bucurat teribil de tare. Am propriul meu parfum! Da, un parfum ce se identifica perfect cu personalitatea mea, o esenta la care visam de multi ani, dar nu reuseam sa o regasesc niciunde. Se numeste Oudh en Moksha, si a fost creat special pe[...]

BiOrganic Questions

HellO, WOrld!   Yesterday I was at the supermarket to buy me something to eat. Yes, I do that quite often, even if in my fridge you can only find yogurt and many bottles of wine. And as autumn makes me craving fruits, I wanted to buy me some grapes and peaches. I hoped to find some fruits made in Romania, but all the fruits[...]