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Vacanta la Sighisoara si Saschiz? Neaparat!

HellO, WOrld! - "Muresanu, vrei sa mergi la Mures?" asta mi-a sunat in cap imediat ce am primit invitatia de a explora judetul cu capitala la Targu Mures. Fusesem anul asta in Bali, la Disneyland, in Iran si la Mamaia, dar in judetul Mures nu fusesem. Asa ca mi-am spus imediat ca nu pot lipsi de la acest tur. Imi era predestinat! In plus, a inclus si o zi[...]

O. My God! I Love Sighisoara!

HellO, WOrld!   Sighisoara is the city where Dracula was born. Well, not the Bram Stoker's fictional character, but the real Dracula, the prince Vlad Tepes, from Draco family. But this is not the reason why I love Sighisoara so much. I preffer a diferent kind of movies, anyway, not the bloody blockbusters filled up with sexy and cruel vampires. Bu[...]

Once upon a time...in Sighisoara

HellO, WOrld!   Once upon a time... Yes, every fairy tale starts like this. And this is my tale from Sighisoara, the last inhabitated medieval citadel of Europe. I'm very proud of my photos taken there last weekend, so if you don't have (yet), any plans for the long weekend ahead, I recommend you to make a trip to Sighisoara. And regarding my phot[...]