HellO, WOrld!


Christmas is coming! Ho! Ho! Ho! So soon we will surround ourselves with joy and cozonac, family and best friends, vin fiert and love. But now, have a break and watch the most beautiful TV adverts of the season. This year the star is Nicki Minaj, in the wonderful H&M TV spot. She looks fab! Of course, we have many Santa’s this year, but surprisingly, we have more bears than ever! A famous one in the M&S ad (you will recognize him for sure), and also the bear family from the Heathrow Christmas Commercial. But the cutest one is “Moz, The Monster”, from the John Lewis TV Spot. We also have many toys, beautiful Christmas trees, happy families and of course, a lot of love. But because I think we must be a little bit more conscious about our actions and the way they impact the nature, even in the Christmas holiday, please watch the Coca Cola & Greenpeace ad.

 H&M – A Magic Holiday


John Lewis – #MozTheMonster

Orange – LOVE

M&S – Paddington & The Christmas Visitor

Heathrow – Bears Christmas

TK Maxx – A White Christmas

 Greenpeace New Zeeland – Our new Christmas Coca-Cola ad

Enjoy the season, be conscious and spread the LOVE!