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Ovidiu Muresanu Spring

Ovidiu Muresanu Spring


Ovidiu Muresanu SPring

Ovidiu Muresanu Spring

Do we have a Japanese garden in Bucharest? Really? Maybe is just a petic de iarba or something. And a plastic statue of a samurai with beculete on it. But let’s check.

So I did. And I was very surprised to discover this magic corner of Herestrau Park in Bucharest, with the amazing cherry trees in bloom, looking like a postcard from Japan. I’ve always been fascinated by the Sakura celebration, and my plan is to visit Japan next year, in Spring, just to be amazed by the beautiful pink trees. The Japanese cherry blossoms and the tradition of flower gazing, or hanami, has inspired poets for centuries. These haiku call to mind the beauty of springtime and the fleeting beauty of the sakura.

Kobayashi Issa is one of the four greats haiku writers of Japan. He wrote a tremendous amount of poetry and was known for his poetic appreciation for even the tiniest creatures. ANd here is my favorite Haiku written by him:

cherry trees in bloom –
warmed by a brazier





Photography:  Vlad Kozlovski
Hair Style: Robert Both Studio
Outfit: H&M shirt & trousers from SS18 collection available HERE, Dior sunglasses.