HellO, WOrld!


Some mornings are just perfect. Like this one, that I will carry in my heart forever. Because it’s not a small thing to meet your true love for the first time. I know, all our loves looked the same at the beginning, but it’s not that kind of sweet amnesia the one that keeps us alive? And somehow, happy? I watched What If on Netflix last weekend, and I liked it very much because it’s questioning all the resorts of love. All kind of love. And you know what I’m saying: all the good stories are stories about love.

But this one is different. Because it took place in Madrid. In the Garden of Retiro, a marvelous park from this amazing city. It was a quiet Monday morning, but it looked more like a magic and unbelievable moment, with the colored parrots flying everywhere, Palacio de Cristal in the background, and, right in the middle, like in a fairy tale, a black swan on a lake.

Ovidiu Muresanu Madrid

Ovidiu Muresanu Madrid 10

Ovidiu Muresanu Madrid 2

Ovidiu Muresanu Madrid 3

Ovidiu Muresanu Madrid 6

Ovidiu Muresanu Madrid 1

Ovidiu Muresanu Madrid 5

And she moved right to me. I was paralyzed. A huge wave of happiness and joy hit me at that momentand I felt instantly in love. Of course, if you know the original story, the black swan is not the best choice, but without her, “The Black Swan” wouldn’t exist. So I made my choice. <3 My heart is still there, moving around a lake, in the middle of a fairy tale garden. In Madrid.





Photography:  Tiberiu Capudean
Hair Style: Robert Both Studio  

Outfit: Topman Romania shorts and shirt, Illesteva sunglasses, Birkenstock shoes.