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Likes of The Week (July Issue I)

HellO, WOrld! Luna Iulie a inceput in forta, de parca temperaturile caniculare m-ar fi umplut der energie, in loc sa ma faca sa-mi doresc sa stau pe plaja, ascultand noul hit al Innei, Bop Bop, sorbind dintr-un pahar de prosecco in timp ce nu m-as gandi la absolut nimic. Ba da, m-as fi gandit ca era glaciara se apropie si ca poate ar trebui sa facem ceva [...]

INNA - BOP BOP - First Listen with the Stars!

HellO, WOrld!   Yeey, tomorrow it's gonna be a big day! INNA will launch a new hit (I can bet on that!). BOP BOP will be this Summer song, and we will hear it everywhere.! It's a bit jazzy and funky, and I'm sure we will dance like crazy on this new INNA song. And I have to tell you that I can't wait to see the video! But till tomorrow, I invite y[...]