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Crossing the line for L'Interdit by Givenchy

HellO, WOrld! Mon Dieu, ce seara! Si vremea imi spunea ca e interzis sa ies, la cum turna afara, iar vantul batea teribil, ca si cum nu ar fi avut deloc chef sa ma lase sa particip la Forbidden Party. Pentru ca asa s-a numit evenimentul de lansare a parfumul L'Interdit al casei Givenchy. Dar nu a fost deloc ca orice alta lansare de parfum la care am luat [...]

Crazy Little Things I Love (XIV)

HellO, WOrld!   A Gentleman always wear a bowtie. And a good perfume, I might say. So, for my dapper friends, here are some of my favorite items for this Autumn. Givenchy - Gentleman This classic frangrance has been recreated by the Givency team, and now it's more appealing than anytime! A balance between unquestioned strength and confide[...]