HellO, WOrld!


First of all, you must know that I made my homework. I discovered who was the first fashion blogger! According to IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers) and Susie Bubble, it was a 16th-century German accountant. An accountant!! Can you imagine that?

Ovidiu Muresanu Joy

Ovidiu Muresanu Joy


Ovidiu Muresanu Joy

Ovidiu Muressanu Joy

Ovidiu Muresanu Joy

Well, it seems that Matthaus Schwarz was so obsessed about his clothes that he spent a lot of money  on his outfits and also, he commissioned artists to document his looks. I think it wasn’t easy for him to spend hours in front of some painters, waiting them to finish their work. Remember, he was an accountant!

But the good thing about blogging is the fact that even if you ar an accountant, a teacher, a plumber or a fireman, you can still be a fashion icon. You can launch trends, you can adore trends or you can hate them, but if you love fashion, you can transform your passion in a part-time job. And it’s much more easier now than it was 500 years ago, when Matthaus launched the first fashion blog, which was acctualy a book – “Trachtenbuch” (The Book of Clothes).

Ovidiu Muresanu Joy

Here I am with Rosi, my photographer


But you must know that you have to work. A lot! Shootings in the snow dressed in shorts, shooting on a Sunday morning when all you want to do is sleep, because you where so crazy and you partied all night long with your friends, shootings at 40 degrees wearing a wool coat, shootings in holidays, shootings with your cat, shootings, shootings, shootings, thousands of pictures. Photographers, outfits, locations etc. And most of the time you are alone with your photographer, trying to find the perfect spot and the perfect light for that unique outfit. Of course, there is so much fun envolved, but in the end, believe me, it’s work. But if you love it, if you really really love it, this work is the most wonderful in the world. And the best thing is that even if you are an accountant, or a fireman, or an advertising manager (as I am), you can start a business from your passion for fashion. And you can make money. To buy new clothes, of course. Or to create your own clothes. So, what do you wait? Your time is now!


If you need more information and my advice regarding the blogging thing, here I am. Send me an email, and I will try to give you some tips to help you.





Photography:  Alexandru Rosieanu
Outfit: Hugo Boss shirt, Zara trousers, Saint Laurent sunglasses, The Stories of O. X Skin Dee leather case, Le Colonel shoes

Hair Style: Robert Both Studio