HellO, WOrld!


Yeah! It’s that time of the year again. Soon we will surround ourselves with joy, friends, cozonac and vin fiert, Mosi and happy families. Because Christmas season is the most beautiful season. Even if I hate Winter and I’m a bit of a Grinch, when I watch the Christmas ads I feel my heart melting. Because all of them are talking about love, and kindness, and generosity and happy families. The stars this years are the moms (we have 10 in the KFC adverts), and pets are almost invisible – not even a cat, or a Gold Fish. But we have instead a bunny (the Duracell bunny), some big movie stars: Kristin Scott-Thomas in the Burberry Ad and Aubrey Plaza in H&M’s Hotel Mauritz ad. Naomi Campbell has also a leading role in the Burberry ad (together with her mom – yeah, I’ve told you, we have many moms this year), and David Gandy is playin’ the must-have in-law in the M&S ad. But the biggest surprise of this year is sir Elton John, the star of John Lewis & Partners Christmas Ad.

Burberry – Close Your Eyes and Think of Christmas

Milka – Time Machine

Marks & Spencer – Must-Haves

KFC – Când te lasă mama

Duracell – Oferă cadoul complet

H&M Hotel Mauritz

Cadbury – Secret Santa

John Lewis & Partners – Christmas Ad 2018

Coca Cola – Vin sărbătorile!

Of course, we have the Coca Cola ad too, because there are no Xmas Holidays without it.

But in the end I want to show you the most touching ad of this Christmas, which was banned on TV in the UK. It was considered too political. So it went viral on the internet. Because it tells us a real story, trying to make us more concerned about what we do with the environment. And it’s important for us to see how our actions could affect an entire ecosystem. Not only the poor Rang-Tan.

Iceland – Say Hello To Rang-Tan


Enjoy your Christmas season and spread the LOVE!