It’s time to gift brilliantly!

HellO, WOrld!


I love this season! There are so many reason to enjoy it! And I’m sure that you are counting the days till Christmas! I can’t wait to visit my parents, like I do every year, to decorate the Christmas tree with my mom and eat home made cozonac. But my favorite moment of the holiday season is the one when I share gifts with my beloved ones. Of course, most of us we don’t believe that Santa really exists, but still… we want to be as good and generous and kind and full of surprises like he is. That’s why I love to gift brilliantly!

But first, let’s get into the holiday spirit,  so press PLAY. Now you can start to look for the perfect gifts for your friends and family. I know, it won’t be easy, but I’m here to help you. I’m like a little Santa’s helper this season, so you can count on me. And I’m gonna tell you one secret, right now. You don’t have to run like crazy for the next two weeks, in order to find those gifts. Nope, you need to relax. I’m not jocking. Take a deep breath and imagine a magic place where you can find amazing jewelleries, beautiful watches and the coolest leather accessories. All the dream gifts are there, waiting for you. Luckily, this place exists. Because FOSSIL created the perfect Christmas collection, with (b)right gifts for everyone: leathers, whatches and accessories of all colors, shapes and sizes! Paired with personalization options like engraving or embossing, ore using unique straps and leather stickers, each gift will feel as though it was made especially for your beloved ones in Santa’s workshop. And they have another surprise for you, because FOSSIL will help you to find the right gift for your mom, or for your best friends, using the Gift Finder. It’s a magic app on their website, so you just have to click HERE and the magic will start!

Look what I found there:


Here is the perfect gift for my girl friend.





I’m wearing the Townsman Mechanical Blue watch. And I love it!! I think I will make myself a gift too!




This one is for my dad. It’s an Oakman watch, a classic one.



I’m sure my brother will love this Code Red watch.



And here are the gifts for my mom and for my best friend!







Looks great, isn’t it? I hope I gave you some ideas and now you will jump on the Gift Finder and you will play with all the wonderful gifts that you can find there. Because I’m sure you will make your friends and your family very happy on the Christmas eve, with the FOSSIL brilliant gifts.

Happy Holidays!




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